PegasiaMusic037: 5 Years Of PegasiaMusic

PegasiaMusic037: 5 Years Of PegasiaMusic


pegasia music 5th comp

Release Date: 14th February 2016

Genre: Multi

As we stand on the precipice of a new era and upon the foothills of a monumental milestone, we take a look back over the first five years of PegasiaMusic’s life. Contemplating on our journey up to this point, we have achieved things we did not believe possible and have worked with artists who inspire and excite us to no end. It is humbling to be able to have shared this journey with listeners and artists alike thus far. ‘5 Years Of PegasiaMusic’ showcases some of our favourite pieces we have released since the label’s inception, with an inclusion of an upcoming release from 2016 by Professurreal. It is worth mentioning that while there were so many other releases we wanted include on this compilation, the nature of the sequencing and presentation caused this to prove difficult. Regardless, we are humbled by each and every artist we have worked with, and look forward to their futures. Who knows what will come next for PegasiaMusic…

Artwork by Edward Jack Radford

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PegasiaMusic036: Obfuscation – Deus Sive Natura

PegasiaMusic036: Obfuscation – Deus Sive Natura


Deus Sive Natura Artwork.png

Release Date: 24th November 2015

Genre: Soundscape, noise, glitch

PM036 sees the return of aleatoric sound artist Obfuscation in Deus Sive Natura, a pondering Spinozistic dream of exploration, meditation and innovation. Aesthetically and cerebrally paradoxical and expansive, the depth and direction of the texture, motion and space of PM036 is a mature sonic analysis of the God or Nature methodology, crafting an immersive experience of resonance and noise.

Artwork by Edward Jack Radford

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PegasiaMusic035: RFJ – Oh Death!

PegasiaMusic035: RFJ – Oh Death!



Release Date: 25th August 2015

Genre: Ambient, IDM

PegasiaMusic is humbled to present RFJ’s brand new and seamless chronicle ‘Oh Death!’, a subtle and pensive commentary on the fear and acceptance of human mortality. With sensitivity and empathy, it brings along on its journey a humble and sobering storm of human feeling and conviction that echoes all throughout its organic and natural evolution. It is an honour to share this release on RFJ’s behalf and we hope you enjoy it.

Artwork by Luis Felipe Ocampo.

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Acoustic/Organic Compilation Announcement – OPEN TO SUBMISSIONS


It’s time to announce our next major compilation which is now open to submissions. The theme this time is acoustic and organic music. This can be anything from raw folk jams to organic electronic vibes, and anything in between. Honestly, it’s an ambiguous term, but that makes it all the more exciting to see how submissions interpret this project. We have been referring to it as ‘wooden sounds’.

The requirements for submissions are the same as usual:
Please submit a .WAV or .AIFF file at 16 or 24 bit and 44.1khz.
Only one submission per person, please.
We will appreciate if y’all adhere to these guidelines.

The album will ultimately be released as a free download under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license.

THE DEADLINE: Saturday 31st September 2015

Please send all submissions to with the email subject ‘Acoustic Submission’.

Good luck and looking forward to hearing your submissions. ❤

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PegasiaMusic034: Wulfsok – Dog Days

PegasiaMusic034: Wulfsok – Dog Days


Wulfsok Dog Days Cover

Release Date: 26th May 2015

Genre: Drum and Bass

Erupting out of Sacramento, CA comes Wulfsok with his Pegasia debut Dog Days, an exquisite collection of dense and refined drum and bass that brings with it a fiery yet ruminative disposition. Fierce in its delivery, though collected in its intent, Dog Days stands as a strong and distinct addition to the Pegasia catalogue, tenacious in energy, consistent in flow and meaningful in purpose. We’re very excited to present this outstanding record from one of our favourite artists.

Artwork by Edward Jack Radford.

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PegasiaMusic033: Proton 42 – Fallacracy

PegasiaMusic033: Proton 42 – Fallacracy


Falacracy Artwork

Release Date: 26th January 2015

Genre: Electronica, IDM, ambient

An established name in underground IDM and ambient circles, Proton 42 returns with his brand new album, Fallacracy, that promises to bring us on a journey of digital meditations and mellow reverie. A ‘classic’ Pegasia name, Proton 42 has been with us since PM003, a compilation with which he displayed some of his best work of that time. His comeback shows us that through time and patience, sonic progression and technical development has been an obvious voyage undertaken prior to this release. Fallacracy is pensive, rich and, above all, mature. We are excited and humbled in equal measure to be able to release this album on behalf of Mr. 42.

Mastered by Ben Steed & Rob Gilbank at PegasiaMusic.

A Conversation with Proton 42 via Text [Altered Echo Project]

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PegasiaMusic032: Mad Trillions Yo – Kam

PegasiaMusic032: Mad Trillions Yo – Kam



Release Date: 8th December 2014

Genre: Mult-genre

Projecting outward in a fit of mystic methodology, this debut release from hiphop outfit Mad Trillions Yo is a myriad of esoterica and fervent oracularity. Driven by the intrepid Otis Brown and the enigmatic Fya Daw, Kam is a phanerothyme chronicle in the most beguiling of ways.

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