PegasiaMusic029: Obfuscation – Like Serendipity

PegasiaMusic029: Obfuscation – Like Serendipity



Release Date: 28th July 2014

Genre: Soundscape, noise, glitch

We’re delighted to unveil Obfuscation, a project of sonic experimentation and resonant enquiry. Obfuscation utilises aleatoric programming and sound design techniques to conceive the two pieces presented to you today, through systems of generative texture manipulation. This fascinating listen is not only intriguing to experience from a process perspective, but also provides hypnotic tones and movements that one can easily get lost within.

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PegasiaMusic028: Our Deer Friends – Soundtrack Of My Discontent

PegasiaMusic028: Our Deer Friends – Soundtrack Of My Discontent


OFD cover

Release Date: 29th April 2014

Genre: Ambient, Classical

From the mind of Lukas Norling comes a spectacular chronicle of emotionally charged narration. In ‘Soundtrack Of My Discontent’, Our Deer Friends invokes a whole array of feeling from the melancholy to the hopeful, and exposes some of the deeper aspects to human sensation and sentiment. Get lost in this journal of self-reflected texture, brooding tones and meditative experience.

Music by Lukas Norling
Mastering by Ben Steed and Rob Gilbank at PegasiaMusic
Artwork by diazo

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Noise Compilation: Open for Submissions!

Hello, wary digidrifter, and welcome back to PegasiaSpace.

We are now opening up for submissions for our next compilation, the genre of which shall be noise. This is a rather expansive musical genre these days and can be interpreted as such, therefore we accept anything from drone and noisecore to sound artpower electronics and glitch, and anything in between.

What we require is a .WAV or .AIFF file at 24 or 16 bit and 44.1khz.

Only one submission per person, please.

We will appreciate if y’all adhere to these guidelines.

Please don’t be offended if your track is not selected. We still love you.

The album will ultimately be released as a free download under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license.

We have a bit of a crazy summer coming up, therefore let us say the deadline is 28th July.

Please send all submissions to with the email subject ‘Noise Submission’.

Love and warmth, all, and may your sonic sword truthfully, violently and loudly pierce the skin of silence.

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PegasiaMusic027: The Lost Journals: Volume II

PegasiaMusic027: The Lost Journals: Volume II


Lost Journals II 01

Release Date: 2nd March 2014

Genre: Steampunk Showcase

It took us over mountains and across seas, it nearly broke our spirit entirely and nigh killed us, but we have emerged with Volume II of The Lost Journals, a showcase of awesome artists in the steampunk scene, ranging from those of popular demand to the more esoteric. We thank the artists from the bottom of our hearts for their cooperation and patience with the development of this album, and we thank you for your ears.

All copyrights to their respective owners.
Artwork by Luis Felipe Ocampo.

1. Life’s Decay – Sulvisyan
2. Walter Sickert & The Army Of Broken Toys – 28 Seeds
3. Insomniac Folklore – Man Hands
4. Unextraordinary Gentlemen – The Drop
5. The Black Wreck Music Project – Frozen North
6. Lord Norman VS Callan – RUM
7. Hellblinki – Sanjula’s Junk
8. Dr. Carmilla – Eleven
9. Victor Sierra – En Route Vers L’inconnu
10. Sci-Fi Romance – More To Rust
11. The Clockwork Dolls – Hold The Line

Volume I can be found here.

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PegasiaMusic026: Erinome – Ground Control

PegasiaMusic026: Erinome – Ground Control



Release Date: 7th January 2014

Genre: Ambient, drone

Under the guise of Erinome, Nebraska-based Aaron Hansen presents a symphony of texture and exploration. With Ground Control, Hansen demonstrates ethereal movements and complex precision through  a cloak of intergalactic, transdimensional adventure. Partitioned into two volumes, Ground Control takes the listener across a voyage of mystery, wonder and transformation.

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PegasiaMusic025: SolidNormality – Energy, Frequency, Vibration

PegasiaMusic025: SolidNormality – Energy, Frequency, Vibration



Release Date: 25th December 2013

Genre: Breakcore, electronica

The pedis spawn of Jordan Betry graces us once more with another ambitious and unique release, an entirely live EP of matured, hard-edged electronica topped with eccentricities and intricacy. Having evolved and refined naturally since the release of his debut album, Polydactyly, SolidNormality exhibits not only an electrifying stream of entangled sonic shimmerings, but also phonically displays the autonomous governance of three crucial forces in this auricularly motivated universe; energy, frequency, vibration.

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PegasiaMusic024: Heliacal Shimmer – Vexing Crescent

PegasiaMusic024: Heliacal Shimmer – Vexing Crescent


Vexing Crescent

Release Date: 16th November 2013

Genre: Noise, ambient

From a luminescent ocean of effulgent resonance comes Heliacal Shimmer’s outstanding symphony of light and shade. With Vexing Crescent, we explore dynamically articulate phrases, progressions and developments as we reach a state of sublime, celestial vibrance and sonic divinity. Venture into a multidimensional chasm of crisp texture, driving character and intricate design that washes over you in waves of passionate awe.

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